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Email received:  We have tried many different systems over the past 15 years and I can assure you that you have the most versatile, efficient and cost-effective system for pest control professionals. Other systems are either bulky, jamming, or expensive to manufacture.   When you get a chance, could you please enquire about the cost of selling us + shipping of 10 kits (i.e. Gotcha Sprayer Pro, Powder Duster, Scraper, and a European adaptor).

Kind Regards,

Chris from Owl Pest Control Ltd

Email received:  I just wanted to drop you a line about your product because as soon as I received it I went right out to do battle with the wasps that are embedded in the high up cracks and crevices of our home and I have to tell you, I love it. It's such a simple and easy to use design and your pricing is wonderful. I will be spreading the word about this marvelous little item. 

Have a good day!
Mrs. Karen D

Email received:  I was very impressed with the quality of the sprayer, I have advertised it on the UK pest control web site.  Thanks for a great product, please keep me informed of any others you have.

 Andy Gilroy
Exit Pest

Email received:  The Gotcha Sprayer worked exactly as advertised and saved me from having to hire a professional to handle a hornetís nest 20ft in the air.

Thank youÖEd L.


Email received:  I received my sprayer yesterday and I cleaned out most of my wasp/yellow jacket problem last night. Itís a great tool. After seeing it on your website, I highly recommended it to my Home Depot store manager, I really like the product. Itís well designed without being over designed. Am I right in assuming that the lever which pushes down on the sprayer button is a replaceable subassembly? Here is what the Home Depot store manager said: Thanks so much for the information. I also think this is a great item we should carry. I will pass it on to the merchandising group and suggest we start carrying this product. Thanks for taking the time out to pass this along, I greatly appreciate it.

Chip L Store Manager Home Depot


Email received:  It's awesome...It has increased my shot range to at least 30ft.  Our county is almost wasp free!!!


Email received:  I used your tools last to bust three wasp nests in Hong Kong on a residential apartment. They were all built on the building ledges which were almost impossible to reach by hand without scaffolding or an extension pole. My customers were so impressed with your products as well.

Louis Wong, Co-Owner - Hong Kong


Email received:   The sprayer works very well, and I am pleased with the purchase.  Here is another use for it that may have a big market.  I showed it to the man who does maintenance on my hurricane shutters shutters, and he said he had been trying to find something like the Gotcha Sprayer for years.  High rise buildings have hurricane shutters on some windows.  The wheels at the tops of the shutters really need annual spraying with a lubricant (such as silicone spray).  If there is no terrace, one has to lean out the window and stretch as high as you can.  The Gotcha Sprayer on an extension pole makes the job very easy.  This can also be used by people with security shutters protecting store fronts who wish to avoid climbing ladders.  Florida is loaded with people who have hurricane shutters on their houses that would benefit from annual maintenance with silicone spray using the Gotcha Sprayer.  Please send a brochure to my shutter man.

Leonard - FL


Email received:  Your product worked well for our needs.  Thanks for producing a reasonably priced solution to our problem.



Email received:   The Gotcha Sprayer is amazing--as someone who is extremely allergic to bee and wasp stings, it is great to have an extra advantage when dealing with wasp nests.  We also have a problem with Oak Wilt here in South Texas and using the Gotcha Sprayer to spray the tree trunk ends of limbs we have cut off without dragging the ladders around is a great time saver.  Thank you and keep up the good work!

Don - TX


Email received:   I have received the Gotcha Sprayer already today and it has exceeded my expectations for quality of construction.  It looks like it should work and last for a very long time.  I immediately used it to spray pesticide up in an area of our house that would have either required a very tall ladder and a risky climb, or a very large check to a pest treatment service.  I think your product has paid for itself already!  I am very pleased.  Thanks.



Email received:  I am impressed with the Gotcha Sprayer.  We are thrilled with it, as it addresses our very specific needs.  It is unique, yet simple to use and 100% effective in addressing the situation for which we made the purchase.  We would recommend it to anyone.  In fact, I have been showing it to our neighbors and they can't believe it.  The Gotcha Sprayer is well worth the small investment to address those pesky problem areas.



Email received:  I have used the Gotcha Sprayer a lot.  I trimmed about 50 live Oak trees this winter (best time to do it due to the Oak Wilt that exist in TX).  I normally do not spray the cuts but the experts recommend it for live oaks to keep the Oak Wilt from getting started.  The sprayer came in real handy.  I attached a can used to spray the cuts and was able to reach most with the extension pole.  It worked great and saved me a lot of ladder use.  I also would not have been able to reach some of the cuts.  Thanks again - I would recommend it to anyone

Tom - TX


Email received:  The Gotcha Sprayers work great. I bought a 24ft telescoping pole and it works just fine in conjunction with your attachment and our "Can of Smoke". I recommend marketing your product to other alarm companies who perform fire inspections in commercial environments. I have a total of $75.00 invested in my setup. Your closest competitor, a manufacturer of specifically designed devices, which basically do the same, come in around $400.00. Some up to $600.00. Good luck with your product.

Casey - MO

Email received:  I received the Gotcha Sprayer last week and it works great. I have never seen anything like your product in stores. It works and you should be very successful if you can sell into Home Depot, ACE, Lowes, etc.
Best Wishes,

Hank - IL

Email received:  The Gotcha Sprayer works great. I love it.

Erv - MN

Email received:  Hi Ian, I just received the Gotcha Sprayer and it is fantastic!!!
It is a great invention and a no messing around product, infact something that you should market over here in the UK. I tried it out and it is faultless and the build quality is excellent. I am very pleased with it.

Kindest Regards, Tony - UK

The Gotcha Sprayer will be featured in the new products section of Pest Control Magazine in the October edition.

The Gotcha Sprayer was featured in the Dayton Business Journal.


News 7/4/04:
The Gotcha Sprayer will be on TV July 11, 2004. Tom McNutt (NBC Channel 4 in Columbus Ohio) will be airing a segment on the Gotcha Sprayer and how it helps to control wasp and hornets. Tom was especially interested in the safety aspects of being able to spray wasp and hornet nests from a safe distance without the need for a ladder. Tom decided he would dedicate a news segment on the topic. Tom McNutt has served as NewsChannel 4's garden expert since 1989. Tom received a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture (1955) and a Master of Arts degree in agricultural education (1962) from The Ohio State University and has additional credits in graduate studies in agricultural education and school administration. In 1963, after teaching vocational agricultural at Belle Center and Dublin High Schools for seven years, Tom became a 4-H agent in Franklin County. He was promoted to agriculture agent, county chairman and full professor at The Ohio State University. He retired Dec. 31, 1988, with the title of professor emeritus. Tom currently serves as president and chief executive officer of KaTaTim Inc., a marketing and consulting company he created, executive director of the Ohio Agricultural Council and executive coordinator of the Ohio Council of Cooperatives. Tom and his wife, Joan, have hosted farm, flower and garden tours all over the world. He has also given speeches and conducted educational programs in 43 states and 26 countries. Tom has received 20 national awards and the 1991 John W. Galbreath Award for Community Service. He is an active member of Hilliard United Methodist Church, Franklin County Fair Board and the Hilliard Visitors and Convention Bureau.


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